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New Season, New Kit!

Home and away shirt. Picture taken from

“something old, something new, Something blue” is what Wayne Cowen would say.

Yes, that’s right folks it’s that time again where we get to see the new shirt the boys in blue will be wearing for the coming season. A midnight release from head of retail Wayne Cowen on twitter revealed this seasons new home and away shirt. (Picture above).

Personally I really like the away shirt. The stripes from the 1996-1997 away shirts have come back with a more modern style. A very nice shirt which has an Inter Milan feel to it. This can only be a positive as if we feel like Inter Milan, we’ll play like them right? Marlon King is Diego Milito in front of goal and Morgaro Gomis will have the vision of Esteban Cambiasso…

That’s enough dreaming for now I think, so let’s get back on topic. I think blues kit designers have got it correct on this shirt; it’s smart, cool and sexy, just like the football we will be playing this season. (I hope).

With the home kit they have finally listened to the fans and reduced the amount of white used on the shirts. Unfortunately it looks like they have taken this request to the extreme and now have not used enough. The shirt seems too bland due to the lack of white.  After-all we are the royal blue and white arn’t we? Not the Royal blue with a touch of white.

I am also not a fan of the cut around the neck; I would have loved to see a smart little collar just like the old England home shirt had…but this is just my opinion. The cut around the neck may have been a request from the players as I remember reading on twitter where Wayne Cowen had said the kits had been designed around the requests the fans and players had made. I would rather have the players happy and performing their best, rather than me looking cool with an Eric Cantona-esk collar.

We should not forget that our contract with our old sponsors F&C Investments has run out so we are due a new one. I would assume this new sponsor will be applied to the shirts as soon as its confirmed. This can change the whole look of the shirt, so my opinions may totally change when the sponsor is released. A prime example of this is Sheffield Wednesday and their classic ‘Chupa Chups’ sponsor. It totally ruined a decent looking shirt and I’d assume it reduced the number of sales (Picture shown).

S.W Chupa chups

It all depends on the shirt sponsor and how clean the shirt will look. I have always been a fan of clean looking shirts and as long as we do not end up with a sponsor such as Pedigree Dog food, I think the shirts will look okay.

The 3rd kit along with the Goalkeeper shirts will be released sometime in the next few weeks I would think. The 3rd shirt will be used as our European away shirt (i’m going for it to be red).

All in all, the design team have done really well with the kits and its also nice to know the club do take into account the fans views.  I can confidently say I will be ordering one of these shirts as soon as we find out who the new shirt sponsors are. Although I may order earlier to save the few extra quid.

Oh and hopefully I will be adding a special request to add some Europa League badges to it in the near future.