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The lies keep on coming…

Craig Gardner (picture from

So the deal is done. The contract has been signed, the fee has been agreed and the hands have been shaken. Gardner is now officially a Sunderland player. Treachery is one word to describe it but I’ll say no more on his move as my opinions were clearly stated on my first blog post which can be found Here.

I will however comment on what he had to say about the move and how some things don’t seem to add up.

Those who read my first blog post will understand that my anger is not about him leaving but it was to do with the lies he told us faithful fans, only making us to believe he was something that he is not.

Reading through his comments on the move, you would have thought with all the Birmingham fans calling him a liar, that all the lies would have stopped by now and he would just tell the truth.

Unfortunately this has not been the case and yet the lies continue. He told Skysports “It’s unbelievable, to be honest. As soon as I found out Sunderland were interested, it was a no-brainer.”

You would think Craig would be smart enough to stick to one story at the least, but reading the he had something different to say –“At the end of the season I had an open mind about my future, and I was prepared to commit myself further to the club.”

So what is it? Were you actually thinking about committing to the club or was it that as soon as any Premier League club had shown interest in you, you were ready to accept faster than Usain Bolt on a 100 metre track?

To take his interview with Skysports further, he said “It’s such a massive club and their ambitions for this season meet my ambitions and it was too good to turn down. Obviously, we want to finish as high up the table as we can – we want to be in Europe next year and it’s a great task to go and chase.”

Wait, Sunderland’s ambitions are to finish in the top 6 to claim Europe? Realistically will that happen? With teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham and Liverpool who have superior squads to Sunderland, is that ambition even realistic? I’m not Steve Bruce but I would have thought Sunderland would just want to secure a mid table finish, avoiding any relegation battle at the end of the season.

Match that with Birmingham City’s ambitions which are to promote to the Premier League and have a decent European campaign. Why leave to try and get European football when it’s already available to you? Hmm quite odd there Craig. If you can’t wait 1 season to get back into the Premier league that’s fine, but wanting European football? It was already available to you!

“For anyone to say I left simply for money, they are way off the mark.” He stated in the Birmingham mail. Hang on, in the same interview you said “However, everybody is aware of the financial cost for any club that is relegated and Blues made it clear they were not in a position to renew or improve my contract”.

So wait, you didn’t leave because of the money yet you wanted an improved contract? So why did you move? We can offer you European football this season and if money is not an issue for you then why on Earth did you go? Premier League football for one extra season?

 “To the fans who got behind me and sang my name, who backed me, I thank them”.  Oh don’t worry Craig; we will still chant your name. The lyrics will change slightly however but they are too explicit for me type on a blog post.

I think Craig Gardner is trying to please everyone and as we all know it’s not possible. I think its time to move on anyhow (I think most blues fans have), especially me as this is my second blog post about this and he is no longer a blues player. Onwards and upwards and forget about the past. So goodbye Gardner, you will not be missed.


Blue or Not Blue?

Badge Kissing

“Craigy Gardner is a Blue! Is a Blue!  is a Blue! Craigy Gardner is a Blue, He hates Villa…”  is what we would hear the Birmingham city faithful  chant and sing, but for how much longer will that chant exist at St Andews?

It seems as though from countless news articles, he is on his way out to join Steve Bruce at Sunderland, for around the region of 6 Million pounds. Personally, this is 2-3 million short of what I would have hoped for,  as he is a key player in our midfield and is a proven to goalscorer in the Premier League, with 8 goals last season.

 I’m not going to say anymore on the financial aspect of this transfer, as this is not what I’m most concerned about.

As the transfer seems imminent, with ‘sky sources’ saying he will have talks with Sunderland in the next 24 hours (as trust worthy as they are), it brought me back to the time where he had signed for us, remembering how he was apparently so excited to join the club he had supported from such a young age. This instantly made us grow to like him more, as he signed from rivals Villa to join us, only to make it sweeter to say St Andrews is the club he wants to be at.

So his Birmingham career began, working hard and showing his passion playing for the club, being influential in the midfield scoring and assisting goals with celebrations like the one in the image at the top of this post.

It won the hearts of all Birmingham city fans, making him a fan favourite and a player name all blues fans would want on the back of their shirts. He was setting himself up to become a Birmingham city legend. He only made us trust him even more, with such comments as “It’s unbelievable. It’s a dream come true and I have dedicated the goal to every single Blues fan.” And  “To get your team to Wembley, the one you’ve been supporting since you were a boy, and scoring the winning goal, you can’t ask for anything more” (taken from after the 2nd Leg Semi-Final against West Ham.

So why is a player who is apparently living his dream, playing for the club he supported from a young age leaving? Maybe he lied? Maybe he only kissed the badge and said everything he said to gain the fans trust and support.  After all, as posted on the Birmingham city forums, there was an article from where he said “I am a Villa fan through and through, I came through the ranks here and nothing can get better than playing for the club you have always supported” after signing a new deal with the club. So what is it Craig? Bluenose or Villan? Clearly he is either extremely forgetful, confused or a compulsive liar.

He had won the hearts of all Birmingham city fans with his lies and now has completely destroyed any affection we have for him and has embarrassed not only me, but any Birmingham City fan that had believed his comments, and took him on as a fan favourite.

If he had left, without all the badge kissing and comments, it would have been fine; I would still respected him and wish him the best for the rest of his career like I did with Sebastian Larsson. I can take players leaving the club but I cannot take liars.

Bluenose or not, he is now hated by many fans as expressed on twitter,  some describing this move as treachery of the highest order.

So, so long Craig, thanks for the time, but you shall not be missed and I just hope you realise that you’re leaving a club with such passionate fans and that the next time you are at St Andrews, there will not be the warmest of receptions.