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The Perfect Exit

As you would expect there has been more news about players leaving St Andrews rather than players coming into the side. This is a given as a Cup winning side being relegated is bound to attract interest from bigger clubs, especially when a large part of the squad is Premier League quality.

Nikola Zigic is a name which has always had questions over his future after relegation.  Unfortunately, this week has only confirmed that he will at some point be leaving Birmingham City as Nikola Zigic’s agent had said this week;

“The only thing that is sure is that Zigic is going to leave Birmingham this summer. There is still a long time left to decide, so we are not in a rush. Nikola’s wish is to continue his career in England or Spain.”

This is extremely disappointing to hear as I’m sure it’s not just me who feels this but I really liked Zigic. He may not have been Lionel Messi with the ball but he was by far our most effective player we had all season.

When he came off the bench against Blackburn at Home he seemed like a 6ft 8 (I’m going for the taller measurement) rabbit caught by an oncoming headlight, stunned and quite confused in how to work in the Premier League as it was a style of play he was not used to. It seemed as if he did not know how to use his height and size to take advantage, something the Birmingham fans instantly noticed. Zigic would hardly jump for the ball thinking he was tall enough to beat defenders standing and if he did jump he would lean forward only reducing his height only making it more frustrating.

As games went on Zigic had started to learn the style of play in the Premier League, making himself a lot more effective scoring 5 goals in 25 appearances. Yes you can say goals were not his main attribute but his size and his knowledge was enough to break down any defence, which would open opportunities for the team to score.

Against Villa

When he did score, it would be at the most important times for Birmingham city. Who can forget the goal against the vile in the quarter final of the Carling cup or the first goal against Arsenal in the final? He made the Arsenal defence look even shakeier, breaking it down and scoring from that corner which gave us the advantage to go on and win.

What happened to Zigic after the cup final, I do not know. He apparently picked up an injury from that game which put him out for the rest of the season. This seemed odd as during the time he was ‘out’ for Birmingham city he had played for Serbia on International duty, questioning the actual seriousness of the injury. If he was fit and had played the remainder of the season for us, would we still be in the Premier League? I think it would have enhanced our chances greatly. As I’ve said before we had been relegated due to the lack of goals and with Zigic in the side the team would have scored a few more, especially in games at home where 3 points were needed (I.E WBA).

Anyway, what’s done is done but one thing for sure is that scoring the winning goal in a cup quarter final against your greatest rivals and then scoring again in the Cup final which you go on and win, only puts him straight into the hero category for many Birmingham city fans.  The last we saw of Zigic was that Cup Final and if he does leave now he has probably left in the greatest way possible. Leaving where the last memory we have of him in a Birmingham city shirt is scoring in a cup final…perfect.

@Solihull_Cllr had said to me on twitter “@Keeprightonblog I want the big man to stay! He is a gentleman and a hero!” I don’t think I could have summed it up any better.

Hughton has said he would have liked Zigic to stay but with bigger clubs interested in him, he is certain to go. Teams such as Bologna, Everton Racing Santander and Malaga have all apparently shown interest. With Zigic signing for 6 Million pounds last summer I would like to see the same return for his sale and as Zigic being one of the highest paid players in the squad at 50,000 pounds per week, I think a sale is needed quickly. Hughton will need to sign sufficient cover for Zigic as that’s another player who will be leaving the squad in an area which we really need to bulk up on.

I hope Zigic gets the move he wants as he was a vital member of the cup winning squad which brought me and thousands of other Birmingham city fans a memory which is priceless.

So long Zigic and all the best. Thank you for the goals and that unforgettable memory, you will be missed.

Oh and finally, To all Birmingham City fans, I had found this Video on youtube
It’s a Great video which brought back a lot of memories.  Enjoy Bluenoses!