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Yeung arrested as Rooney Brought in

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Its had been eventful at St Andrews in the past 24 hours as a new face joins the club and Mr Yeung is arrested for apparent ‘money laundering’.

Now if you are like me when you had heard this news, the first question that you may have thought but not said was …”what is money laundering?”.  So I looked into this and to put it simple, he is being accused of obtaining money in an unlawful manner.  So this can be anything from tax evasion to drug dealing. (Not saying he has done either)

Mr Yeung has been accused of this money laundering in Hong Kong and Kowloon, both of which have seem to have taken place before he took over the club. Reading the Birmingham City statement announced on by Peter Pannu, he had said this has no connection to the club.

Regardless of the arrest having no connection with the club, there will clearly be some side effects which the club will have to take. As Birmingham City is a public company these news stories can have dramatic changes in the share prices, which could de-value the club dramatically. Along with this, there is no doubt Premier League and The Championship will keep a close tab on us, monitoring the club extremely tightly.

As with the McLeish resignation, this will also bring more attention from the journalists who seem to only be interested in the club whenever there are problems, only magnifying what has happened. But you know what they say, “any publicity is good publicity” right?

What should not be forgotten as what Peter Pannu had said, we have been through a similar situation before. Our old owners (their names shall not be mentioned) had been released on bail and the club had gotten passed it. So there should not be too much panic just yet.

As you would expect, the news stories on this have not been extremely detailed. Only time can bring us more information on this issue.

Anyhow on to a more positive note, Chris Hughton has made his first signing for the club in signing Rooney. Adam Rooney that is. He has signed on a bosman from Inverness on a 2 year deal.

From what I know of the striker, looking through a few youtube videos and match reports, he seems to know where the goal is and some what of a natural goal scorer. He was top scorer of the First division in 2010 along with a number of awards such as PFA First Division Player of the Year.

Hopefully he can bring the goals to St Andrews as clearly we seem to be short on goals the past few seasons. Now with Marlon King the only striker I can realistically still being at the club, new strikers are needed.

Jerome has been linked to Stoke and Bolton which seems very close to being done. Zigic may be on his way back to Racing as this deal was being rumored in January and as he had seem to have disappeared every since the Carling Cup final, I cannot see him having any more time at Birmingham city. Whether or not Hughton can persuade him to stay is another thing. Asante may be used as part of a rotation, but not a striker which you’d want to start week in week out.

So it has been a good signing in my opinion. He can bring goals to the club which we so desperately need. As a bonus, he brings one of the best chants along with him.

I look forward to the new season.