You are Scott Dann, Dann!

Scott Dann. (Picture taken from

I think we all know as Birmingham city fans is that in terms of our squad, the strengths lie within our defence. With transfer rumours floating about almost every player in our defence, the most reoccurring name coming up is Super Scott Dann.

With teams such as Sunderland (slowly becoming Birmingham City no.2), Stoke, the Vile, Liverpool, Arsenal and now Chelsea all seem to be interested to capture him. I’m sure at some point we have all thought,  “oh if Scott Dann didn’t get injured, we would still be in the Premier League”. Personally I disregard that comment as to put it simple, we got relegated because we did not score enough. Unless Scott Dann was going to net an extra 7-10 goals, I highly doubt his injury was a key factor to our relegation. Especially how Martin Jiranek provided excellent cover for the time Dann was out. (I have considered the time Jiranek was out and Davies had covered but there were many other games where we should have picked up points).

Anyhow, it seems Stoke have been the only team who have formally put in a bid and clearly it was not strong enough to persuade us to sell. It was reported it was around the £9-10 Million mark which I believe the club rightfully turned down.

Arsenal and Chelsea also have Gary Cahill in mind at the same time and estimates on him have been around the £20 Million mark. In my opinion that is an outrageous amount of money for Cahill and if that is the correct valuation for him in today’s looney toon transfer market, then Scott Dann should be valued equal to or above that amount. I can admit Cahill is better than Dann on the ball but in terms of defending and positioning, Dann exceeds Cahill’s ability in those areas.

Quoting Skysports they said “It is believed Dann is desperate to stay in the Premier League and could represent value for money at around the £10million mark making him a better option than Cahill because of his price tag.”

This is laughable as £10 million is well below the valuation of Scott Dann. Yes It’s granted that we currently have financial issue at the club and we have to sell our prized assets, but flogging them off well below valuation is just idiotic. I would not accept anything below £15-16 Million for him and if the Vile try and snap up his services, I would boost that up to a minimum of £18 million.

I mean Phil Jones was recently bought by Manchester United for £16 Million. If these are true valuations of players,  then £10 Million is way off Dann’s actual value.

Scott Dann is clearly our best defender as he offers his solid defensive attributes along with his forward thinking and good on the ball ability. His age is also a huge benefit as he has a lot of years left and will allow even more improvement to his game. He is a Premier League player and in honesty we should not hold him back in pushing his career forward. He is England quality and keeping him at the club will not help his chances of breaking into the side. (I mean look at Joe Hart, England Number one after two to three games for Man City but not after a great season with us).

With Villas-Boas apparently being interested, I would prefer to see Dann at Chelsea from any of the clubs reported to be interested as I believe they can bring the best out him. My head tells me that if Liverpool put in a strong enough offer, that would be Dann’s first choice as he supported them as a child. This is based on the assumption that he is nothing like Craig Gardner.

I can only wish the best for Scott Dann as he has given everything to the club. All fifty games he has played he has put all his effort in and put his nuts on the line for the club (quite literally at times). He made a great partnership with Johnson and its a shame that it is going to be broken.

For me, the biggest loss when being relegated is losing players like Scott Dann. Players which are pure talent and it’s a shame to lose him. We have to move on though, as does Scott Dann to push his career on. I will wish him all the best if/when he leaves as its the least he deserves after all he has given us.


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